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Refund Policy

OneHealth Nebraska Refunds and Cancellations Policy

Effective Date: June 2015


OneHealth Nebraska will allow refunds and cancelations only under specific outlined circumstances.  This policy is created to define and determine when circumstances allow for a refund of fees paid.


Refund: Reimbursement of fees paid.
Cancelation:  OneHealth Nebraska is notified of a provider’s desire to withdraw from the application process.
Application Fee/Abbreviated Credentialing Fee:  Fee paid for credentialing a provider through OneHealth Nebraska.
Membership Dues:  Fee paid for a provider to be a member of OneHealth Nebraska.  Dues yearly cycle begins January 1.
Group Purchasing:  Any purchases made through OneHealth Nebraska for goods or services at a discounted rate through various vendors contracted through OneHealth.


1.     OneHealth Nebraska will begin processing applications for credentialing and abbreviated credentialing in good faith after an application is received. If an applicant desires to withdraw from the application process, to receive a full refund for the application fee and/or membership dues, the following must apply:
          a.     Notification of the cancelation is received in writing of the desire to withdraw from the application process. 
          b.     Notification of the cancelation must be received prior to processing of the file in the credentialing database.
If the preceding is followed, a full refund will be given to the applicant or clinic. If the preceding is NOT followed, a refund will not be given.
2.     Refunds will not be given for group purchases of electronic coding books unless OneHealth’s vendor will allow the cancelation. 

3.     Refunds will be given for group purchases for coding books, ONLY if the plastic covering has not been removed and is sent back with the packing slip to the vendor within 60 days of receipt. Shipping and handling fees will not be reimbursed.

4.     Refunds may be given for other group purchases including educational programs or training, ONLY if the transaction can be canceled with our group purchasing vendor or educator. Shipping and handling fees may still apply.

Refund or cancelations of services or products should be directed to OneHealth Nebraska at (402) 261-9530 or